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            Enterprise introduction

                ZhejiangDewei Cemented Carbide Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Dewei Carbide) is a fully integrated manufacturing organization, which offers a wide range of Tungsten Carbide products, from premium raw materials, inserts and carbide rods & blanks to customization. Both our Tungsten Powder Plant and Carbide Manufacturing Factory in China are ISO9001 certified.
                For over 15 years, we have been serving customers worldwide. Our dedicated team is determined to provide best customer service possible.
                In 2014, Dewei Carbide joined GEM China Group, one of the largest public companies in the resource recycling industry in China. This merge gives Dewei Carbide access to GEM’s state-level metallurgical laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, which greatly enhanced our innovation and quality control capabilities.


            We are IOS certified for Management System and Environmental Management.

            ABOUT US

            corporate culture

            • The Core Idea

              1. DEWEI Mission: seeking benefits for staff and workers, for the development of enterprises and social responsibility.

              2. DEWEI Spirit: gritty, the pursuit of excellence, self-confidence, brave first-class.

              3. DEWEI goal: cast a first-class new business, build a century-old brand.

              4. DEWEI Vision: based on domestic and into the world.

              5. Core values: Dweh rely on my development, I rely on the survival of Dulwich.

              6. Dulwich style: focus, adhere to.

              7. Moral DEWEI: as much as gold.

            • Basic idea

              1. Business philosophy: integrity, innovation, service, win-win situation. ????????????????

              2. Market philosophy: opportunities forever, you are in control. ????????????????

              3. Development concept: innovation, quality, responsibility and service. ????????????????

              4. Team philosophy: harmony, tolerance, play, work together. ????????????????

              5. New product development concept: I have no people, people have me first, people first I gifted, gifted people I fine. ????????????????

              6. Quality concept: Everyone does quality control, everything is fine.

            • Business philosophy
              Guiding ideology: "Quality First, Continuous Improvement"
              Management philosophy: "people-oriented, market-oriented"
            • Etiquette Basic Requirements: ??????????????

              1. Grooming Meters: Well-groomed, dignified and generous manners. ????????????????

              2. Office etiquette: Smile face Ying, neither overbearing nor servile. ????????????????

              3. Conference etiquette: time to listen carefully; at the meeting, will be after the trip. ????????????????

              4. Group activities etiquette: into the team, civilized manners. ????????????????

              5. Communication etiquette: warm and powerful, natural.

            • Dwehr Proverbs: ??????????????

              Devotion, but not the pursuit of poverty; ????????????????

              Common, but do not rule out personality; ????????????????

              Say the principle, but do not give up flexibility; ????????????????

              Speaking of corporate profits, but do not give up employee benefits.